Makeup Products Essentials (for beginners!)

Essential Makeup Products for Beginners

Whenever I think about my very first makeup experiments, I can’t help but grin. God knows how much help I needed!

My main strategy was copying my mom’s actions: whatever she would do, I’d do it. Unfortunately for me, my mother’s skin tone is slightly deeper than mine, which means her products wouldn’t necessary adapt too well on me… but that was something I didn’t know at the time.  I’ve had a lot of color accidents in my first high school years.

After a while it became more and more difficult to deny the truth: I most definitively needed to upgrade… well everything, both my skills and my kit; but I didn’t really know where to begin. I knew I needed some foundation, a bronzer and a mascara, but that’s really all I came up with.

I started looking for some tips around the internet and taking notes; a couple of hours later, I was heading towards the makeup store with some concerns but a lot of hope. Needless to say, I left with a bag full of products and a lot less money.

Being a beginner, my strategy was to go with the essentials and don’t overdo it for the moment; the eight items I bought seemed about sufficient to start.


I obviously grabbed a foundation and a stick concealer. I started off with NYC because they were the best offer in the store, but I have really enjoyed them!  Going with the cheapest option is how I decided to built the entirety of my kit, and I was cool with that prospect.

You can find my Top 6 Favorite NYC Products here, if you’re interested.

The next thing I put in my basket was a setting powder: since my skin was kind of oily I went for Rimmel’s Stay Matte long lasting pressed powder, and have been using it ever since along with NYC’s Smooth Skin pressed face powder. I didn’t understand the importance of a good face powder until I tried it; it locked my foundation and concealer in place for the longest time and sucked all the shiny finish away.

Then, I went looking for a blush and a bronzer. For me, contouring was an unexplored territory back then; I understood that a good bronzer could define my cheekbones and give me a nice and healthy look when combined with a good blush, so I was willing to try it!

Essential Makeup Products for Beginners
                Here’s the complete list 🙂

I picked up NYC’s Cheek Glow for blush and decided to use Primark’s PS Bronze that I bought some time before but never used.  Let me tell you: Primark’s makeup is way underrated! It was a bit earthier for my skin tone, but with a softer touch and a little blush on top quickly became one of my favorites.

Going upwards, I decided to stick with the mascara I had been using before and did not want to replace: Essence’s I Love Extreme. This is a stable point in my kit; I love how easy it is to work with it, the drama it can give you and also its price! It was the best deal of the day.

Want to achieve that perfect mascara look? Take a look here!

I then bought a brown crayon for both my eyes and my brows and, lastly, a pink lipstick.


I was a bit hesitant at first, but was able to loosen up after some time; once I found what was working for me and practiced a bit, I was able to enjoy my “me time” even more.

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