Favorite Drugstore Mascaras

favorite drugstore mascaras

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Mascara is one makeup product I can’t seem to get enough of. I quite enjoy a good drama in my lashes, but false lashes just seem not for me at the moment; that’s why I’m always looking for the best long-lasting, kick-ass formula I can find… which can also mean drugstore.

Deals and sales are basically what built my makeup kit back in the day, and I’m not ashamed of it. I am a firm believer that you can find good products on the shelves of your nearest store without running your pockets dry.

For this list I picked out and ranked 5 of my favorite drugstore mascaras, but I would like to make a little disclaimer. Please note that this list is made off my personal experiences and tastes, and results may vary for you. Thank you for understanding!

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NYC Cityproof Color Mascara | 003 Purple Breeze

0.27 fl. oz. | 8 ml


mascaraThis is actually my mom’s favorite, she uses it everyday!  I like a more intense and edgy finish to it, but she’s able to layer it softly enough to create a subtle look.  We both like to wear it whenever we don’t use eyeshadow (which is everyday, in my mom’s case); I also find it a perfect alternative for summer and to change the usual blackest black finish.

I have a good time working with this product! Its wand is extremely similar to the Sky Rise mascara from the same brand, which helps a lot when it comes to the length of your lashes, but also gives you the tiniest amount of clumps you could ever ask for.  The only downside I have noticed is that the effect doesn’t last as long as others. It’s cool, don’t get me wrong, but it could be better.

It’s a nice product for the price, though.




 Rimmel Scandal Eyes Reloaded

0.40 fl. oz. | 12 ml


mascaraI bought this product since it went on sale with a crayon, I couldn’t really pass the offer up. I have been using and loving it for a while now: I love how dramatic and black my lashes look whenever I’m wearing it!

Its wand is pretty regular and big, so it easily reach all of your lashes perfectly, which is grand; the only downside to it is how clumpy it can get.  You know when you’re applying eyeliner, one side turns out bigger, you try to even them out and a couple of minutes later you’re Amy Whinehouse? That’s exactly how it feels with this mascara sometimes. If you’re soft and gentle it’s going to look great, but if you’re going in a bit harder your lashes are going to be covered in black, dust-like flakes.

In order to avoid it, I prep my eyes before starting my makeup session. I coat my lashes with some coconut oil and curl them, then I make sure my mascara is perfectly closed before dumping it in a cup of hot boiling water, which will drastically improve its consistency making it smoother.




NYC Sky Rise Lengthening Mascara

0.23 fl. oz. | 7 ml


You can find it here!

The most recent product I’ve tried, and I’m digging it!

Its spiral wand picks up enough product to double the length of your lashes without making them clumpy; also, the formula is particularly smooth.

If length is what you’re looking for, that’s most definitively what you are going to get; I really was impressed when I first tried it, to be honest. It worked beautifully on me and I soon found myself reaching for it almost everyday.

It is a bit tricky to reach the lashes near my inner corner and not to leave marks on the lid, but if you proceed carefully (which is something I need to practice) you will see it at its full power.

And it’s going to be beautiful.




Essence I ❤ Extreme Volume Mascara

0.40 fl. oz. | 12 ml


You can find it here!

This is one of my all-time favorites and a must have in my kit; I have been using this mascara since I was 14 and have been loving it ever since. Its efficiency made me unsure at first, mainly because it seemed too much of a good deal to actually be a good product. Boy oh boy was I wrong!

I like to compare this mascara to Rimmel’s Scandal Eyes Reloaded from before. They both contain the same amount of product (which is a pretty good lot!) and are different in their designs, but the real difference is in the wands; looking closely you’ll see that there are actually two big factors that characterise both of them differently.

Essence’s wand is bigger and thicker than Rimmel’s one, making it easier to create more dramatic looks and intensifying the length of my natural lashes. Also, they recently changed this formula and made it even smoother.

Great product, awesome price: win-win!




Maybelline Lash Sensational


You can find it here!

Even though I definitively love Essence’s I ❤ Extreme, I have to pick this as my current favorite mascara. I literally adore everything about it!

When I was getting more serious about makeup, I was looking for some mascara alternatives to spice things up a bit: this one had various high ratings reviews, so I quickly became eager to try it out myself.

I like to curl my lashes before stepping in with mascara: it really takes my look to the next level! The great asset of this product is that you don’t really need an eyelash curler: the open fan wand curls your lashes while coating them with a nice black smooth formula and leaves no clumps around.

It is so easy to work with and very affordable, it couldn’t be less than number one!


How about you, what are your favorite mascaras? Let me know!

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