Everyday (simple!) Makeup Routine

makeup routine

I love to wear makeup and creating new designs, but sometimes I like to keep it laidback, you know? Just some touchups to keep it simple and quick, and out the door.

I prefer a quicker approach whenever I’m going to have a busy morning or when my skin doesn’t need too much work, which is not very often. I’m not a “moisturize-and-go” kinda gal, so I like to keep a good medium to full coverage foundation on hand.

I like to start off with a good cleanser, and my current favorite is Avenil’s 100% Bio Moisturizing Cleansing Milk. It gives my skin the smooth and soft texture I’m always looking for.

Once I rinsed it off, I do a quick lip scrub (find out how to make one in less than a minute here!) and apply a good moisturizer to prep my skin and make my look last longer. Also, I am not a real primer-believer, but I am enjoying Kiko’s brand new Hydra Pro Glow primer very much! If you want a glowing, hydrated skin all day long I definitively recommend checking this one out!

When I feel like the cream has sank a bit into the skin, it’s time for foundation. I like to apply it with a brush to have a better coverage and then go over with my beloved BeautyBlender to give it a smooth finish. My nose is the most oily part of my face, so that’s where I usually work on first.

Once I’m happy with it, it’s time for concealer. I am currently using a stick-form one, NYC’s Cover Stick, so what I like to do is either take a pointed concealer brush or the foundation brush I used before and take a bit of product on the bristles before applying it. This process allows me to gradually build up the under-eye coverage I need without adding too much texture. Like before, I make sure everything is blended properly by using my damped sponge.

Now it’s time for multitasking: baking and brows! Still using my damped sponge I pick up some translucent powder, place it directly under my eyes and leave it there for roughly five to ten minutes – as long as it takes me to do my eyebrows and eyeshadow. My brows aren’t perfect, but they are quite full so I like to just fill ‘em up a bit.

However, I have a harder time with my eyeshadow. My lids are a bit darker than my actual skin tone, so they need a bit more work. When I have time to go for a stronger look I use a white cream base, dust some white eyeshadow over it and then start working on the actual look; if I want to go lighter I just use foundation or concealer.

I love to use a one-and-done product for my eyes not to waste any time. I usually opt for a darker color placed on my outer corner and then blended into my crease; sometimes, I add a clearer color on my lid or just use a white eyeshadow to set the liquid base.

As soon as I’m done I wipe away the under-eye powder and proceed setting my entire face; tapping gently the powder with a big fluffy brush creating a soft and sheer layer is the best method.

To complete the look I add some blushhighlighter and mascara before putting on a lipstick or lip balm (need a liquid lipsticks’ guide? Check this one out!). I don’t really use eyeliner or bronzer if I want to be quick, but that’s totally up to you.

I love to finish off with some setting spray to blend everything better and erase the powdery effect I may have created if I have applied too much product along the way. Fanning my face quickly makes it sink into my skin and also makes my look last longer. You can also make your own setting spray using only two ingredients with these instructions (no glycerin or witch hazel needed)!

And that’s it! What’s your everyday makeup routine? Let me know!

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