Daily Bag Essentials

Bag Essentials

There’s much more into my bag than what I care to admit. I seem to have a particular attachment to receipt, tickets of various sorts and also coins that didn’t make it into my wallet.

I naturally am a messy person, but I swear I do my best to try and keep things organized; it’s just too hard! Especially when you’re out and have to spend thirty minutes looking for something with your head stuck inside your purse.

It can brighten up the day of people who see you, but it’s just exhausting.

I just recently decided to keep some essential items in my bag for good. You never know what’s going to happen, so it’s better to head out the door with some trick up your sleeve (or, rather, in your purse).

I prefer to have a few good staples rather than a “bag-in-bag” completely full (you know, one of those cool pouch-like sacks you can put in your purse and fill ‘em up with whatever you like); this way I can easily use the inside pockets and don’t make too much fuss.


The first thing I like to make sure is with me is a pack of wet wipes.

When I was still going to University I used to take the train and two subway lines, so they came in hand pretty often.

They are great for sanitizing hands or take off your makeup, but I also keep some tissues with me, especially during the winter. They probably are the most useful item I could keep in my bag, along with my beloved lipstick-formed power bank. It saved my life so many times I basically lost count!

Looking into the other pockets you would find a lip balm and the lipstick I’m wearing for the day; I won’t have any problems if I want to reapply it or just take it off and use some balm this way. I also keep a nail file ’cause… you never know.

The last thing that is always in my bag no matter what are some pillsnothing major, just some emergency pills for headaches or sudden period cramps.

What are your bag essentials? Let me know!

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