imagic 12 Flash Color Palette Review | Make Up For Ever Dupe!

Disclaimer! This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through one of my links at no additional cost for you. I recommend only products I[…]

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How To Make Sugar Scrubs

I love experimenting with homemade skin care products, especially scrubs. Pinterest is where you can find loads of different and interesting recipes to spend your afternoon creating a home spa (for basically no money and[…]

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Know Your Beauty Ingredients: Brown Sugar

Pinterest is my safe place when it comes to homemade beauty and skincare products; I love D.I.Y.s, and scrubs are most definitively my favorites. Even if you aren’t a frequent Pinterest user you’ll soon find[…]

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D.I.Y. Super Easy Makeup Brushes Cleaner

If there’s an activity that bores me out of my mind is cleaning my makeup brushes. It’s not only repetitive and time-consuming, but it can also be quite challenging to find the perfect product to[…]

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Top 6 NYC Favorite Products

Top 6 Favorite NYC Products

The very beginning of my makeup journey consisted in one simple principle: finding the best deal no matter what. Going cheap may not have been the brightest idea as it resulted in some unfortunate incidents;[…]

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My Favorite Notetaking Method

If I took all my school notebooks I could put together a set of encyclopedias full of thoughts and informations written in various handwritings. Back in middle school I used to write whatever the teachers[…]

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How To Fake Falsies With Mascara

How To Achieve The Perfect Mascara Look

When watching makeup tutorials you’ll see that almost all youtubers top their looks with fake lashes – and with good reason! They provide big and bold looks, as well as hide any possible mistakes. I[…]

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D.I.Y. Beachy Waves Spray

D.I.Y. Beachy Waves Spray | No Heat!

Because nobody wants to be that girl that ended up chopping a good lock of hair trying to get the most flawless curls ever.    No-heat, effortless beachy waves – with a beachy waves spray?![…]

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How To Apply Liquid Lipstick Like A Pro!

Lipsticks are definitively my favorite cosmetic products: they can spice up your look, but can also turn into your worst nightmare, especially in their liquid form. The liquid lipstick trend has quickly taken over the[…]

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Lip Scrub

The Only Lip Scrub You Will Ever Need!

When I started getting serious about makeup, I quickly fell in love with regular lipsticks and their liquid form. I was scared at first, but once I got a hold to it became an essential[…]

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